Tamper Evident Bags

Tamper Evident Bags 


Tamper Evident Bags

Sequential Numbers

Each of our tamper evident bags can be produced with a sequential number, aiding the audit process of the confidential or high value items inside. Our tamper evident bags are used by a number of organisations to help with the audit confidential documents and items. The sequential numbers on our bags are an excellent way to keep track of the items or documents throughout the whole courier process.



Tamper Evident Tear off Receipt

Tear off Receipts 

Our tamper evident bags also include a tear off receipt, further aiding the audit process of the polythene security bags. The receipt can easily be torn off as and when it reaches its destination to easily help with auditing the confidential items or documents.The tear off receipts on our tamper evident bags are designed to be easily torn to help speed up the process of auditing. 

We maintain records that allow full traceability of any envelope back through the production processes to its raw material constituents. This allows full traceability of each tamper evident bag that we produce, all the way back to its source. 

Tamper Glue Line 

Every tamper evident bag we produce has a tamper evident glue line fitted with every polythene security bag. This is a highly innovative procedure that will reveal if the polythene bag has been tampered with or altered. It will clearly reveal if the bag has been distressed by heat, water or tearing, allowing you to clearly see if the bag has been tampered with.


Our platinum security closure is tamper evident to all current known methods of attack and carries a 'platinum' glue line to prevent against potential threats.

Tamper Evident Bags Glue Line



Tamper Evident Bags 

Initial Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of tamper evident bags in the UK and supply to a wide range of international customers. Our tamper evident bags are some of the most secure polythene bags you can buy and adhere to the ‘platinum’ tamper evident security seal requirements. Our tamper evident bags contain a number of features which not only enhances the security of the product, but offers extreme protection from both misuse and the environment.


With over 40 years of development experience, our technical team excel in producing some of the best performing materials in this market segment. As a market leader, Initial Packaging can produce bespoke solutions to meet nearly any client specifications. 




We manufacture our tamper evident bags with premium, high quality polythene. This ensures the bags are tear and rip resistant. We also produce all of our tamper evident bags using opaque polythene, meaning that the contents of the tamper evident bag are kept confidential. Made to a polythene thickness of up to 120 micron, our tamper evident bags are strong and secure to protect against accidental tearing.

High Strength Polythene