Evidence Bags

Evidence Bags 





Our evidence bags are widely used in collection and storage of evidence. Commonly used in organisations such as councils, the police or other standards or agencies, they provide an excellent way to track and secure evidence.


The evidence bags we supply all feature a strong, durable design and provide a tamper evident glue line. This indicates whether the bag has been heated, peeled, stretched, frozen or cut, meaning you can clearly and easily see if the bag has been tampered with.





The use of sequential numbers further adds security to the bag and helps with the auditing of evidence. Evidence bags are the perfect way to store quantities of evidence. The tear off receipt included with each evidence bag is the perfect way to secure and audit evidence. The receipt can easily be torn off which helps with the courier audit process so it can be certain that the evidence bag has reached its destination. We can produce a large range of evidence bags and you should not hesitate to get in touch to see what we can do for you.  



The use of evidence bags is an important way to track and audit confidential items and documents. The solutions that we provide offer the highest in evidence bag security. Offering a ‘platinum’ standard tamper evident seal, the bags we manufacture are of the highest quality, strength and security.


All of our evidence bags are made from premium, high standard polythene to protect against rips and tears to ensure that safety of the evidence contained. If you have any queries or simply want more information on our range of evidence bags, don't hesitate to get in contact with via phone or email.