Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers





Initial Packaging can produce truly unique poly mailers. The poly mailers that we produce can have up to 16 colour printing applied. Speak to us to see what designs we can do for you. 

Polythene Envelopes


At Initial we produce a comprehensive range of polythene envelopes and films for the many varied mailing and mail order markets. Each have their own subtle requirements which we can cater for. Each year we continue to produce envelopes and films utilising the latest material technologies available. Just about any size of mailing envelope or mail sack can be produced with up to 16 colour printing applied. This will allow specific branding to be applied coupled with your own specific closure requirements.






Our padded poly mailers are similar to that of a jiffy bag. We supply a number of colours which protect items in transit. A range of sizes are provided to suit the different needs of use. The mailers we produce are also waterproof, providing total protection against the wettest of conditions. Our coloured poly mailers are designed to stand out from generic forms of packaging. Speak to us to find out more! 



Our poly mailers can be manufactured with a range of features. Our poly mailers are fully waterproof meaning items can be secured even in the worst of conditions. The poly mailers we producee can be done to an opaque finish, and therefore protecting identity of documents inside. Have a word with us to see what we can do for you. The poly mailers are also 100% recyclable, unlike many other types of polythene envelopes