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Initial Packaging Receives Latest ISO Standard


ISO 9001 2015 Logo


Initial Packaging is pleased to announce that it has received the latest ISO standard 9001 2015. This emphasises Initial Packagings’ emphasises on quality and our customer facing approach to business. The ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard and our update to the 2015 certification enhances our reputation as a worldwide packaging supplier.

Turning Polythene into Syrup – The Unlikely Waste Solution


There has been an interesting story which broke last week about a potential solution to polythene waste. It was discovered that a breed of worm, normally used as premium fish bait could contain an unlikely solution. A number of these worms were put into a plastic bag and within one hour, several holes appeared in the bag made of polythene.


It appeared that the worms had ‘eaten’ or chewed the bag to escape but it later emerged that the worm excretes an enzyme that breaks down plastic. Such was the enAn image of a worm eating polythene thusiasm for this new found information that a partnership was formed between the University of Cambridge department of biochemistry and the University of Madrid. They placed 100 wax worms in a plastic bag and after just 40 minutes, holes began to appear. After 12 hours, there was a reduction in mass of 92mg.


Polythene takes approximately 100-400 years to degrade in landfill sites so this new information could be significant in reducing the amount of waste in landfill sites across the world. The hope is to extract and produce this enzyme to effectively reduce the amount of plastic in landfill. Plastic is such a useful resource in thousands of products around the world and an effective way of controlling the waste could be seen as essential in developing countries such as China which produces a third of all plastic waste alone.

The Plastic Tide – Where Does Plastic Go?

With ‘The Plastic Tide’ due to air this week, it brings once again to light the foreseen problems that plastic can cause, especially in the world’s oceans. But it is important to look into this matter deeply and not underestimate the importance of plastic in the world today.

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Tamper Evident Bags – What Makes Ours Different?



Tamper evident bags are made from high quality and durable polythene. Tamper evident bags are simply designed to protect important contents such as cash and confidential documents. The use of a tamper evident glue line is designed to highlight if the polythene bag has been tampered with through a variety of different methods such as:


Bike to Work Scheme

We at Initial Packaging are committed to the environment and therefore are pleased to announce that we have signed up to the bike to work scheme. This scheme allows employees to receive a bike tax free, therefore helping reduce the environmental impact of other forms of transport. We are pleased to say that the uptake has been excellent and a number of employees have already taken up this option.