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Tamper evident bags
Cash in transit
We supply secure tamper evident products to UK police forces, major cash in transit companies, forensic labs and examination bodies worldwide. Our knowledgeable experienced team quickly adapt to create a bespoke solution to suit your needs rather than our own.
Tamper evident
Premium quality polythene
Tear resistant
Platinum closure
Lightweight, strong and secure
As one of the largest suppliers of tamper evident bags in the UK we supply to a wide range of international customers. Our products contain a number of features which not only enhance the security of the product, but offer extreme protection from both misuse and the environment.

Sequential numbers

The sequential numbers on our bags are used by many organisations as an excellent way to keep track and provide an audit trial of confidential documents and items.

Tear off receipts

The numbered receipt is easily torn off and retained by the sender to help with tracking, tracing and further aiding the audit process of confidential documents or high value items.

Tamper evident seals

Our platinum security closure prevents against potential threats by revealing a void message if the item has been tampered with or distressed mechanically, by heat or cold or with solvent or water.

Cash in transit
High Strength
Premium multi layer films
High quality print
Secure closures
With a wide range of additional features which can include security closures, print technologies, all barcode symbologies, RFID tags, high level security and pre-applied labels. Aligned to this we offer a complete stock management service and online ordering.
40 years experience
In house technical team
Lightweight high performance
film development
With recent investment of several million pounds in the latest bag making equipment in our UK facility, we offer products that are great value for money. As a market leader, we produce bespoke solutions and offer a development service to meet client specifications.
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