Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

The PAPERplus® Range

Our wide choice of paper cushioning pads provide a solution combining maximum productivity and protection. Almost any protective packaging problem can be solved efficiently with paper. From a heavy gearbox to be shipped abroad, to a new Smartphone delivery.


We only use paper with PEFC certification for sustainable forest management. We advocate the effective and efficient use of protective packaging.


This overview provides the general functions of our four flexible protective packaging solutions:

Cushion: Absorbs impacts and protects fragile products.

Void Fill: Fills empty spaces and prevents products from colliding into each other.

Block & Brace: Stabilises heavy objects or individual articles in their position.

Wrap: Covers product surfaces to avoid contact damage and provides optimal protection against scuffing and scratches.

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Our lightweight easy to use a range of air cushions have been designed to protect your products perfectly during transportation. Three options to choose from:


The AIRplus® Void individual air cushions are available in sizes to suit varying applications for quick, economic filling of empty space. These void fill air cushions mean goods are secured in the package preventing migration an ideal solution for pre-packaged products with minimal risk of breakages.


AIRplus® Cushion is the perfect solution for padding, enclosing and wrapping articles. The pad strand is separated by perforations between each section to follow the contours of the object being packed. Available in a wide range of air chambers lengths, it can also be used for void fill and blocking & bracing for filling small to medium-sized empty spaces.


AIRplus® Bubble on-demand system ensures diverse application options for the protection of goods. With three machine types that are designed for various packaging processes and a Bio-film option available. Perfectly fitting equipment is offered to every company using our extensive range of machines designed for small, medium and high-performance packaging needs.





FOAMplus® Foam pads immediately enclose the products, thereby holding them firmly in place. It is almost impossible for the goods to move around in the box. The foam padding also provides a highly efficient padding effect. The polyurethane expands automatically and ensures that any voids are completely filled within the desired area.


The FOAMplus® Tubes foam padding chains are used when packaging in the form of a padded tube. Tubes are produced using the FOAMplus® Bag Packer2 foam-in-bag system. The length of the padded tube, as well as the size and filling quantity of the individual pillows, are freely selectable. FOAMplus® – Packaging foam is produced on demand for minimum storage, forms a perfect fit around any product. The physical properties of the expanded foam protect even sharp or very heavy items from being damaged during transportation. The foam padding is lightweight and extremely impact-resistant and robust.



Protective packaging machinery
Protective Packaging

Packaging Chips

Loose Fill is the universal, safe and efficient all around cushioning material that protects any product, regardless of its shape. Reliably filling the space and the gaps around the product, Loose Fill provides added protection through its resilience, excellent blocking and bracing properties and high compressive strength.


Our range made in the characteristic S-shape includes:


PELASPAN® Bio biodegradable Loose Fill which is made of plant starch and is completely compostable.

Loose Fill made from vegetable starch is water soluble and is 100% biodegradable.


PELASPAN® is the classic product EPS Loose fill packaging is 100% recyclable and does not contaminate groundwater, suitable for use with food packaging and produced without CFC.