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Responsible Packaging
We ensure our packaging is fit for purpose and as a responsible producer we are actively involved in the full life-cycle of plastic. We encourage everyone to play their part in reducing plastic packaging waste and litter to protect our environment.
Our REM (Resource Efficient Materials)
utilise the latest in film technologies
Using REM material ensures the most lightweight
and durable polymers of the day are utilised
Our REM materials have given our customers reductions and savings in : –
  • Product costs
  • Actual material requirements
  • Transportation
  • Storage


Polythene waste is a valuable source of local energy through Energy from Waste (EfW). Due to the high calorific value of polythene it is ideal for this purpose, EfW is in use throughout Europe.


Wherever possible we encourage the re-use of our polythene bags. We have successfully re-designed several products from single trip use into a two trip or multi- trip product.


All our polythene bags are fully recyclable and can be produced in degradable material options. Plastic bags are produced from a waste product -ethane, which would otherwise be burnt off in the refining of natural gas.

Our multi trip products have brought
rewards both environmentally and
financially to our customers
Many of us have used a lightweight shopping carrier bag as a replacement bin liner, or to protect toiletry bottles in luggage or as a swim or gym bag, ideal for wet clothes or muddy boots! These simple ideas have saved millions in cost and resources.
Recycle plastic is being widely
used in construction
Where its durability and weight has significant Health & Safety benefits. Its low maintenance, vandal and rot resistance and has real advantages against conventional materials. Examples include, roads, walkways, bridges, fences, signs and street furniture.
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