The Plastic Tide – Where Does Plastic Go?

With ‘The Plastic Tide’ due to air this week, it brings once again to light the foreseen problems that plastic can cause, especially in the world’s oceans. But it is important to look into this matter deeply and not underestimate the importance of plastic in the world today.

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 Can Polythene be Recycled?


Polythene is incredible. With such a versatile range of uses, polythene is renowned as the most versatile plastic around. However, people often question the environmental impact that polythene has on the environment. Being manufactured from oil, polythene has an unfavorable reputation for being
difficult to recycle and reuse. Is this true?


Tamper Evident Bags – What Makes Ours Different?



Tamper evident bags are made from high quality and durable polythene. Tamper evident bags are simply designed to protect important contents such as cash and confidential documents. The use of a tamper evident glue line is designed to highlight if the polythene bag has been tampered with through a variety of different methods such as:


 What is the Density of Polythene?


Polyethylene can be given a certain character during production. A stiffer or a more elastic type can be chosen. These properties don’t just determine what kind of things can be made from the polyethylene but also very importantly how easily this can be done.


Polythene – The Raw Material


You get naphtha from crude oil. Naphtha is another word for petroleum. By heating naphtha very intensely (“cracking”) you get ethylene. This ethylene is turned into polyethylene in the factory. The word polyethylene means: “many parts of ethylene”. These invisibly tiny parts of ethylene are the building blocks for polyethylene during production. If we could look inside the material during this process, we would see that these building blocks thread together like a string of beads. When the strings are ready, they are shaped like branches.