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About Us

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If you have made your way to this page past our snapshot of Initial on our home page then thank you!


Having read the “about us” summary on our home page you will already be aware that Initial Packaging Solutions were established in 1983 with the desire to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of printed polythene packaging. You will also know that some 30 years later our products continue to surprise and delight our customers in the security, courier and mailing industry.

Initial Packaging 

You will also have read that we are a privately owned UK business who is very proud of its UK manufacturing heritage and with that in mind we have continued to invest in the latest technologies for our UK manufacturing base.


And finally you will be aware that whilst investment in machinery is important for one aspect of our business we believe the most important asset we have is our people whose product knowledge and personalities are two of our unique selling points.


What you will not know is that whilst we have a UK manufacturing base in the UK. We have also established and developed over the last 10 years a network of global supply partners, who through our ideas and technical assistance are enabling us to enhance our product offerings.

We strongly believe that our UK manufacturing base and global supply partner agreements are important in our further development.


So as I have already said on our home page if you would like to know a little more about Initial Packaging Solutions Limited or think we may be able to help with your requirements then please get in touch.


I can assure you we know what we are talking about, unfortunately if you don’t pick up the phone or send us a mail, you will never know.


Many thanks for taking the time to visit our business in the cloud, I sincerely hope I can have the pleasure to welcoming you to the real Initial at your convenience.


Robert Croft

Managing Director

Thank you for taking the time to hear about our company. Want to take the next step?

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