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Privately owned UK manufacturer of Polythene envelopes Established in 1983. We continue to invest in our proud heritage of UK manufacturing. We believe that in business you need to be agile and embrace change; we also accept there will always be global events that impact on all our lives. So in order for us to be consistent in this belief, we have committed to a five-year investment plan in our UK manufacturing site in technology, equipment and most importantly our people. This investment will help to grow our business and see Initial best placed to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.


We also believe that life and business should be about balance. So further to our UK manufacturing commitment and to ensure that we offer our customers best value on a wider range of products, we have established a network of global supply partners. This principal was established over a decade ago and we believe is the perfect balance for our current customers and any future business opportunities.


In summary, we will continue to give our customers best value by investing in our people, technology, equipment and our supply partners. We continue to provide our customers with a viable and cohesive supply chain focused on working in partnership through the nurturing of creativity and technological advancements in our respective market places.


Offering products and services of a high quality and sustained value for money.  We are committed to meeting customers’ expectations and requirements with regards to specification, service and commercial offering. 


Initial have the resources, technical ability and extensive experience to provide ongoing continual improvements and developments in products and service. Our complete solutions approach is all about the customers’ needs and combines technical expertise, innovative technologies and development to meet operational, functional and commercial requirements. 


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