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Courier Bags


We manufacture bespoke polythene packaging for use in the courier industry. Virtually any design, size or quantity can be produced!

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Mailing Bags


We manufacture a wide range of mailers for use in numerous applications. We offer many sizes which can be customised to suit your specific needs.

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We produce a wide range of tamper evident security bags and security envelopes, each with their own unique bar code and/or sequential number!

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Polythene is Our Thing!


About Us

Initial Packaging Solutions Limited design and manufacture a comprehensive range of printed polythene packaging and have been established in the poly packaging industry since 1983. Over 30 years later we still continue to surprise and delight our customers in the security, courier and mailing industries. We are a privately owned business who is very proud of our UK manufacturing heritage and as such, we continue to invest in the latest technologies for our UK manufacturing base.


We understand investment in machinery is a very important aspect of our business. However, we believe the most important asset we have is our people, whose product knowledge and personalities we believe are two of Initials’ unique selling points. So if you would like to know a little more about Initial Packaging and our people or think we may be able to help with your requirements, then please let us know.

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Polythene Extrusion

Defining Innovation


Defining Innovation in the Polythene Industry

We Do Things Differently

Initial Packaging prides itself on innovative manufacturing and service solutions. Our clients continue to benefit from our pro-active and enthusiastic approach to product development. From concept through to the manufacture of the finished product, we can manage it all.

Using your brand image we can design packaging that will help transport and promote your products safely and where applicable, help you stand out from the crowd. By working with the latest in material technology we create lightweight whilst also durable packaging solutions that offers maximum protection for transported goods.

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Some Simple Facts 

  1. Our products are 100% recyclable.
  2. They are produced from the latest resource efficient materials available today.
  3. If required they can be produced with any degradable additive of your choosing.
  4. Polythene is significantly lighter and less bulky than any other packaging material.

The polythene products Initial Packaging currently provide have been specifically designed to be a part of the environmental solution.

Using the most lightweight and durable materials means we can achieve maximum protection. Without the use of these advanced, lightweight polythene materials, the damage to our environment would be detrimental.

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Shaping the Environment


Bespoke Polythene Printing

We Are Unique

Initial Packaging Solutions Limited, design and manufacture polythene packaging that promotes each of our customers' unique branded requirements. The products we manufacture for our courier and mailing customers have a permanent adhesive closure applied as a standard.

Our high level premium security products come fitted with our own unique platinum tamper evident closures. Our security products will also have a unique bar code and sequential number. This is essential for the tracking and tracing of the valuable products that go inside. Bar codes come in a variety of formats, all of which can be emulated and supplied here at Initial. For the ultimate in security packaging we can also embed a RFID tag.

All our products can be printed in up to 16 colours and can have additional features such as external document pouches, punched handles, lateral seals, perforations, easy tear strips and additional closures for dual use.

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Next Steps

We love talking all things Poly so give us a call to see what we can do for you!